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Indian Handicrafts Special

Indian Handicrafts Special (Issue : Feb. - April)

This Issue of Gifts & Accessories is India's only trade magazine focussed on Handicrafts. The issue contains product information alongwith suppliers and their contact details for Wooden Furnitures, Antique Reproductions, Metalware, Antiques, Jute Bags, Bone Handicrafts, Textile Products, Brassware, Christmas Decoration, Candle Stands, Wrought Iron Products, Incense, Burners, Lamps. Leather Accessories, Miniatures, Musical Instruments, Paintings, Potteries, Scarves, Stoneware, Shell Crafts, Zari Handicrafts etc. This issue is of vital importance for the importers, wholesalers and distributors as it provides rare sourcing information for Indian Handicrafts.

Gifts & Stationery (Issue: May. - July)

This Issue of Gifts & Accessories is focussed on Stionery Products. The product range covered in the issue is Files, Folders, Writing Instruments, Desk Top Accessories, Paper Products, Children Stationery, Office Stationery etc. The issue is must read for wholesalers, dealers & distributors.

Magazine of Gifts & Staionery Products

Magazine of Corporate Gifts & Promotional Products

Corporate Gifts & Promotional  Items Special (Issue: Aug. - Sept.)

This Issue of Gifts & Accessories is for Corporate Gifts & Promotionals Items. The issue is an ideal source of information for Corporate Buyers just before festive seasons through out India. It provides complete information on Corporate related Gifts, Leather Products, Table Top Accessories, Promotional Items, Clocks, Watches, Writing Instruments, Electronic Products, Calendars, Keychains, Thermoware, Personal Accessories, Greeting Cards, etc.

Advertising & Promotions Special Issue (Issue : Nov. - Jan.)

This Issue of Gifts & Accessories covers major three sections for Advertising & Promotional Gifts viz. Point Of Purchase (POP) Products, Promotional Products and Cross Promotions Items (Co-promotion items). It is an unqiue source of information for Corporate Decision Makers. The product range includes 3D Posters, Promotional Stationary Items, Travel Bags, Outdoor Promotional Products, Baloons, Toys, Games, etc.

Magazine of Advertising & Promotional Products

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